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How to be fit & Healthy during CORONA

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  • Author: Dt. Shweta Arrora Mandal
  • 10 Apr, 2020

These are tough times, in this situation we have to be careful and cautious of what we eat and how it is cooked. We need to increase the body immunity by eating citrus and Vitamin C enriched foods like Oranges, sweet lime, Amla, Tomato,Kiwi and Guava. Carrot and Beat root in salads increase our blood circulation. adding nuts and seeds in the diet like Almond, walnut, dates, khumani and mix seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, flaxseeds help in detoxification and are rich in anti-oxidants. we need to hydrate our body by drinking plenty of fluids like coconut water, milk, butter milk, lemon water,green tea, herbal tea, ginger tea. Garlic, ginger, tulsi, Giloi play a very important role in boosting our immunity. Drink atleast 3 litres of water every day. Food to be avoided are Canned and Packed food, outside junk food and Preserved food. Senior citizens and children below 10 years, diabetic and heart patients, asthamatic, pregnant women, should strictly follow the diet prescribed in the current situation.

Dt. Shweta Arora Mandal

Nutrition & Dietetics Consultant



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