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Healthy living tips in summers

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  • Author: Dt. Shweta Arrora Mandal
  • 11 May, 2020

Summers are back, need a change in diet.

Some healthy living tips in summers


# Add Curd in your daily meal plan- For all those who suffer from    constipation, gas and acidity   in the summers, this one is an absolute must have on a daily basis.

# Chia seeds - Not just a quick detox but an instant cooler and bloating reliever.


# Coconut water- Prevents dehydration, cramp & migraine reliever during PMS trouble.


# Jeera- Calm your nerves and aid your fat burning efforts in summer.


# Jowar and Barley- Sattu water -Brain food, cooling in nature, best for weight loss.


# Include Juices- Lemon, aloe Vera, bael, wheat grass, bottle gourd, mint and amla for glowing skin in summers.


# Start your day with seasonal Fruits in summers like litchi, grapes, jammun, melons, mango (acts as cleanser, soak mangoes in water 20 mins before consumption for cooling effect).


# Thandai find Thandai recipe health-reads/Thandai-recipe/ Fruit Smoothies and lassie with hing, pudina (mint) and roasted zeera as mid snacks rather than colas and tinned fruit juices.


# Hydrate with normal Water or infused drinks. Lemon with rock salt water is best detox drink which alkaline your body thus combat acidity. Mint coriander leaves infused drink acts as diuretic drink. 


# Exercise for 30 mints 5 times in a week for good blood circulation to avoid migraine and headaches


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